The process of background investigation has become very common in the society. Basically, background check involves the checking of the criminal, financial, educational, and employment records of the individual. It is required by both the individuals and organization to keep an eye on the suspect.

The private investigators are the best persons to perform the reliable background check service. Our team of investigators in Palm Beach, Florida is highly professional and experienced to deliver the efficient services.

Unlike the traditional background check, a research by our private investigator can get you the in-depth information including all sorts of things, which can make you feel safe giving peace of mind.

Here are some major services associated with our background investigation:

Criminal Records Check

Personal details

State and federal licenses

Military records

Educational details

Previous Employment

Financial information and Assets

Why Run a Background Check?

Either in professional or personal life, if you suspect somebody’s activities, then you should definitely consult a private investigator. They can help if you want to make sure that the person you are hiring for your company or you are entering into a partnership or deal with is trustworthy and legitimate.

Dating background check is also very common as people want to make sure that the person they met online is safe, and that any claims they might have made are true. Nanny background check is also required as it is important to confirm that the person they are hiring for their children is safe and reliable.

Our private investigators are capable to bring the evidence which is not available otherwise. And, if required they can go beyond the personal details and can find all sorts of details such as social media accounts, previous marriages, known associated, and more than they can provide an interesting insight into someone’s motivations, ties, and character.