Private Detective West Palm Beach Florida

Private Detective West Palm Beach Florida

Choose a Private Detective You Trust

Young’s Investigative Agency is one of the most reputed investigative service providers in Miami, Florida region. We have private detectives who are proficient in different areas of investigation.

Some of the services offered are:

Insurance frauds:

If you are an insurance firm and require investigation regarding the legitimacy of the insurance claim, we can do it for you. On the other hand, we also investigate insurance frauds by insurance companies if you stake an insurance claim on them.

Cheating Spouse:

If for some reason, you suspect your spouse of infidelity, you will need to hire a private detective to uncover facts for you. We understand that this type of investigation warrants confidentiality. We are cheating spouse investigators of repute who will investigate maintaining complete confidentiality.

Background Check:

When you are hiring the services of an individual or thinking of starting a business venture, or for any other kind of association, a background check is recommended. We have expertise in carrying out different types of background checks, whether it is financial, criminal or any other.

Child Custody:

The matter of child custody crops up when parents are getting separated or divorced. In such cases, evidence needs to provided in the court of law to prove which parent can provide a better life for the child. We have a proficient team to uncover relevant facts for the benefit of the child.

For all these and a variety of other investigative services, you can rely on Young’s Investigative Agency. We use the latest surveillance systems for investigation. So, the next time you require any type of investigative service in West Palm Beach, you can turn to us.