Largely affected by movies and television shows, there is a universal misinterpretation that private investigators get in the way of the authorities and resolve crimes on their own by offending the laws. However, the truth is that private investigators are important assets in criminal investigations and frequently work with the police and other law imposition agencies when the situation demands it.

One might even find scenarios where the police force becomes the clients of private investigators. This happens since the police may have some of their actions confined, as officers and enforcers of the law that a PI, as a private individual may not be restrained by.

Young Investigative Services is a US-based agency having more than 15 years of experience conducting surveillance investigations. Surveillance is generally conducted for cheating spouse’s investigations, child custody, fraud, domestic, civil, insurance, theft and another such sort of investigations.

Our Standard Operating Procedure

Uncovering Evidence:

With the assistance of good private investigators available at Young Investigative Services, enough evidence can be collected and passed over to the police, so that the latter can take over, and begin the investigation.

Supporting Police Department:

Our Private Investigators provide assistance to the police department when the department gets affected with huge volumes of cases. While the police are ensuring priority investigations, our investigators already begin with the investigation procedure.

A Fresh Perspective:

Our investigators at Young Investigation Services, US can even undergo to compile evidence that may otherwise be unattainable for the police officers. In cases of intellectual property thefts, our P.I.’s are most informed about the trademarks than the police.

Locating People and Serving Warrants:

As an added advantage, our private investigators are also a great source of lawyer referrals which can come in handy for both the witnesses and as well the police itself.