What is a child custody investigation?

A child custody investigation is done with an aim to ensure the child’s safety. It is usually done during a divorce, separation or a custody case. The investigator will assess how the parents treat their child. This will further be used in custody evaluations.

How does a child investigation work?

Private investigators will use surveillance to keep a check on the parents’ behavior towards their child. They will collect shreds of evidence against the parents. They will conduct interrogations with the witnesses to trace the truth faster. When investigating a parent, they will look for activities such as criminal activity, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gambling etc. that can cause a deep impact on the impressionable mind of the child. Investigators will make sure that the child is provided a safe and healthy environment.

Private investigators also conduct thorough background checks in order to verify the credentials of the parents. They verify the employment and education history to know whether the parent is capable of providing the right environment to his child.

What are the different types of child custody?

Let’s take a look at different types of child custody:

Legal custody: The parent who has the legal custody is allowed to make legal decisions regarding his child.
Physical custody: A child stays with the parent who has physical custody.

Sole custody: When one of the parents has both legal and physical custody, it refers to sole custody. The other parent cannot take decisions for his/her child.

Joint legal custody: Through this custody, both the parents have a say in the decisions involving the child. In the case of a major dispute, the matter will be resolved in court.

Joint physical custody: The child splits his time living with both the parents.

Having complete knowledge about child custody investigation is important if you are dealing with a child custody case.