Employee theft is a serious issue which can result in heavy losses for an organization. Therefore, it becomes imperative to investigate it on priority and take necessary action against the accused. This will not only help in solving the case but also in recovering the losses. Taking due action sends a message to the other employees as well. An organization should establish the legal and effective procedure for employee theft investigation.

The following steps can be followed for employee theft investigation:

Step1: Appoint an investigator

You can ask the department managers to investigate in their specific departments. Alternatively, you can designate managers in various geographic areas to check in their areas. If the crime is serious in nature, you can take the services of an external investigator.

Step2: Decide what to do with the suspect when the investigation is going on

You can either leave the employee in place or else you can suspend the employee during the investigation process.

Step3: Maintain Confidentiality

Employee records, reports from other employees or any other evidence gathered should remain between you and the investigator only.

Step 4: Take necessary action against the guilty employee

After the investigation, when you have found the guilty employee, you will need to take action against him/her. The action taken depends on the nature of the theft. In the case of a petty theft, you can discipline the employee. In case the theft involves a big amount, you can terminate/ fire the employee.

Step5: Recover the loss

You can get the accused to pay back the amount that was stolen. In case, you do not get it, you can opt to file a legal case against the accused.

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