Criminal Investigations Miami, FL

Over 20 Years of Criminal Investigations in Miami, Florida

Why hire a private investigator for Criminal Investigations in Miami?

Private investigators serve a critical role in many Criminal Investigations in Miami.

Criminal Defense Attorneys- We gather evidence and secure witnesses for defense attorney and their defense team needs support as they put together a case to establish reasonable doubt and get an acquittal for their client.

Homicide and Murder Investigation- The police are always overwhelmed with murder cases in Miami, South Florida and murder cases are time sensitive. That is when we assist in solving difficult crimes by widening theories, identifying new leads in the case, interviewing or re-interviewing witnesses, and interface with law enforcement.

Kidnapping, Rape, Stalker, and Felony Crime cases- With expertise, our private investigators can take an unsolved crime or a cold case file which occurred in Miami, South Florida and scour it with fresh eyes and new perspective. With new insight we can then begin to follow the evidence, across typical jurisdiction-limits, setting aside any preconceived notions and allowing the evidence to tell the story.

We are not the police.But it is important for our private investigators to treat law enforcement personnel as partners in our investigative efforts… we are all working toward the same goal.

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