Suspicion of infidelity by a spouse can be a cause of tremendous stress to an individual. You might see some tell-tale signs which could make you suspicious of the activities of your spouse. In such cases, the best way to put your mind at peace is by engaging the services of a private investigator.

Private investigators are experienced in uncovering relevant evidence in such cases. Besides, they can also testify in the court of law. On the other hand, carrying out investigations on your own can be very difficult. Also, you will not be allowed to present the evidence collected in the court. In addition to this, investigations of this nature require confidentiality to be maintained.


The matter of a cheating spouse is a grave matter. You will require sufficient evidence to move ahead. The two probable consequences of such cases are, either mending the relationship or divorce. In case you are headed for a divorce, you will require proof to substantiate your case in the court of law.

The choice of the private investigator for cheating spouse investigation is very important. In Miami, Florida, Young’s Investigative Agency is a reliable detective agency which carries out investigations for different types of cases. In case of cheating spouse investigation, we understand how sensitive the matter is and you can rely on us completely.

We conduct cheating spouse investigations discreetly. Our investigators use the most advanced technologies and latest surveillance techniques to uncover evidence. We maintain complete confidentiality and update the client on a regular basis regarding the progress of the case.