employee theft investigation


When Should You Hire an Employee Theft Investigation Service Provider?

Nowadays, regardless of the size of any organization, each & every industry is vulnerable to employee theft in some fashion. If we take a look at the facts and consider the alarming statistics- Approximately more than 7% of loss revenues due to theft and fraud An estimated 30% of business bankruptcies result from employee theft 75% of employees are reported

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Private Investigators and the Importance of Background Checks

What is the role of a private investigator? Private investigators help you uncover various factual information by applying various methods and all possible resources. Their practical work experiences with both law enforcement institutions or private intelligence agencies is one of the basic things that make them successful. Few common types of private detective services that include- Finding missing persons Cheaters

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Importance of Custody Related Background Check

It is very difficult to trust somebody when it comes to the security of your children. But lifestyle and work ethics of today’s world are so different that taking out time for your children is not easy. This leads to employing babysitter, nanny etc. for your child. But we cannot trust everybody, we need an assurance of the security of

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Investigate Employee Thefts

Employee theft is a serious issue which can result in heavy losses for an organization. Therefore, it becomes imperative to investigate it on priority and take necessary action against the accused. This will not only help in solving the case but also in recovering the losses. Taking due action sends a message to the other employees as well. An organization

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