Background Check West Palm Beach FL

What are the different types of background checks?

Background checks are performed to verify the authenticity and identity of a person. Young’s Investigative Services, Inc., a leading investigation company, provides thorough background checks in West Palm Beach, FL. Our company has years of experience in investigating even the most complex cases.

Whether you are dealing with child custody, insurance fraud or a cheating spouse case, conducting background checks is a must! It will help to provide protection against frauds and other criminal cases. Seeking the help of professionals can be very beneficial in this respect.

What are the different types of background check?

Here are some of the different types of background checks conducted by our investigators

Credit check:

We verify the credit history of the suspect. We make compilations of reports by the major agencies. This is generally done to check whether the person can repay his debt or rent. It is generally done to check the financial condition and the standard of living of the suspect.

Checking driving record:

This is done to check whether you have a safe driving record. Our investigators compile a report which includes the status of a driver license, number of traffic accidents, number of law violations etc. They also check whether a driver’s license is valid or suspended.

Education background:

It is used to verify the educational qualifications of the suspect. Our investigators check whether the person has received the education he is claiming. For checking the educational background, the investigators may consult the teachers and professors of the suspect. This is done to know about the conduct and behavior of the person. It can help to provide clues regarding his criminal history.

Employment verification:

The investigators check the current employment records of the suspect. They verify the employment history of the employees. They can also visit their current as well as previous office and inquire about their behavior, salary etc.

Drug screening:

The investigators may conduct screening in order to find out the use of illegal drugs. This will give a clear idea whether the suspect is taking up illegal drugs. It can also help to trace his criminal history.

If you want to conduct thorough background checks, seeking professional help can be a good option.

Young’s Investigative Services, Inc. is a renowned investigation agency conducting thorough background checks in West Palm Beach, FL. The investigators are knowledgeable and aim at helping the clients in every investigation. They always strive to solve the case within the given time frame.